31.16 Acres – Natural Forests and Wildlife Property
31.16 Acres – Natural Forests and Wildlife Property

31.16 Acres of natural timber forests and wildlife location with year-round spring water on the property and County water tap access available at neighbors' driveway at the road. No county water line is currently run to this location and would have to be arranged by the new buyer and the neighbor to run a line after this property sale closes. The county water tap option is not included in this property sale.

Marketable standing timber, pastures for farming, the property is partially fenced for cattle/horses/farming.

(This aerial photo was taken in 1998-99 during the beginning phases of the site prep/construction.)

No Restrictions, Zoning is Agricultural and must have a new Greenbelt Registration filed within 30 days after closing.

The property has operating Electricity, Phone, Internet, a working Septic System installed for a 4-Bdrm home, Plumbing for spring water and septic at the upper 2-car garage building, house building site, and electricity at the lower level building. A new spring water containment tank and water pump will have to be installed as the old spring setup is no longer viable. Plumbing and water lines are still intact for the spring/tank/pump connections, but a new pump and holding tank will have to be installed and hooked up by the new owners to your specifications and intended use design.

2 Car garage with plumbing for water, septic, electric, phone, and internet all installed and working.

The property has an RV hookup and septic connection site at the house build site already installed for on-site RV living/camping during the build or just as a camping site. Your choice.

(This photo is the house build location and prepping for a new RV in 2014. This location overlooks the pastures below and the rest of the property across the road.)

Creek on the property is a "Wet-Weather" creek and does have a large flow of water through the property during heavy rainfalls. The rest of the time, the creek is dry or runs with a small stream of water across the property from one side to the other.

Please note that there are all forms of "Natural Wildlife" on the property and in the surrounding areas, as it is a natural forest, a predominantly undeveloped county with sparse/few housing/farm locations. The heart of the natural wilderness in Sumner County.

(This is a typical sight in the pasture just about every day when we are out in the pastures. Deer will also sleep at the house, next to vehicles, and under the porch. It was never uncommon to find Deer, wild Turkeys, or other wildlife at the house and porches.)

This is a very prime location for living off the grid if you choose to do so, and it would be very easy to accomplish with all the natural amenities that are available on the property. The soil is exceptional for growing gardens and raising livestock.

We are only selling because of our age and beginning our retirement years, with some physical limitations making it difficult for us to continue to maintain the property. We have owned and lived at this property for 27 years and developed this property into what it is today. When we first bought the property, it was landlocked, had no solid standing buildings, no water installations, no electricity, no roads, no driveways, no fencing, and had 8-10 foot tall blackberry bushes on the entire property that was so condensed with briars, that it was absolutely impossible to walk or drive through.

It took us every bit of 5 full years to clean up, tear down and pick up all of the debris from dilapidated barns and buildings; the house site was used as a "blacksmith/construction site" decades prior to us buying the land that had close to two pickup truck loads of scattered nails spilled on the grounds. So many that you could not drive on the property without getting a flat tire at that time, 27 years ago. We had to build a rolling magnet on wheels with car batteries to pick up the nails and would roll the magnet three ft. and have to dump the nails into a 5-gallon bucket, as there were more nails than the two big 8" magnets would hold. Tremendous amounts and years of hard work, labor, and landscaping have been done to this property to make it what it is today.

(This is a shot of how densely packed the growth is/was on the property in all areas at the time of first buying this property 27 years ago. Areas that we have not cleared for the lack of need to use and for added privacy from hunters that may venture out from other locations are still just as dense with growth. This particular spot actually has a trail that is drivable to the other side from this location, shown below in the next image, and is also the trail back to the Spring.)

(View from the House site location looking out over all the property.)

This property first originated as far back as 1897, and I have copies of the actual handwritten deeds of when this property was sold as the 31.16 acres that it is today.

Amazing history has taken place in this location.

This property was also "Ground Zero" for one of the Perseids Meteor Storms that our son and myself were outside taking photos of when we realized that the sounds of hail falling was not hail and was literal meteors falling on top of us by the millions.

(These Meteors were found at the steps of our house after the meteor storm.)

Entrance to the property on both sides of the road.
Lower pasture view of the driveway coming in from Leath Chapel and splits off to go to the Barn in the photo or up the hill to the house site. 27 years ago, the area where this photo was taken was densely packed with 8-10 ft. tall blackberry bushes that were packed so tight in overgrowth, the 4x4 - 65hp Tractor and 6 ft. Bushhog almost could not break through the briars and had to use the frontend loader to break through to just cut the briars to bush hog and mow down all the growth. The view you see here, now, nothing could be seen when we first bought the property.

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